Customer Reviews

Jackie D.:  “Tank” has DJ’d several of our family events, the most recent being a 250 guest wedding. Prior to the event, he came to the venue and mapped out where he would be. This wedding required multiple genres of music to be played, including Tejano, country, and pop hits.  “Tank” pays attention to the vibe and seems to know just what to play next. We had an absolute blast and highly recommend him. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a class act and pleasant to work with.”


David W.:  “I met “Tank” in graduate school at Baylor in Fall 2007 when we were both in school together (“Tank” was in the class ahead of me). He’s an intelligent, creative guy and used his understanding of business, along with his passion for music to create his music entertainment business…”


L. McHenry:  “I have had the experience of being at several venues where “Tank” was the DJ and at each event he was professional, respectful of the audience and creative with his music selection. With confidence I recommend his service as he will exceed expectations.”


Shelia P.:  “I currently have known Terrell for about 13 years. “Tank” DJ’ed my 40th birthday party and it was fabulous. “Tank” worked with me weeks in advance of the party, to align the theme with the music. His selections not only complemented the party’s theme; but my personality as well. “Tank” was very personable and showed great decorum on all announcements at the party. He really set the moody and got the guests on the dance floor. It was a wonderful night.”